From Soul to Sole

It started with a bet.

When Isaiah Smith’s older brother bet the determined 14-year-old artist he couldn’t paint the Chicago skyline on a pair of sneakers, Isaiah’s sneakers-as-a-canvas passion was born. Cartoons, portraits, sports teams, nothing was off limits. His artistic growth was fueled by translating people’s love for practically any subject in a way that gave the wearer a feeling of great pride.

Not your average Cubs fan.

Chicagoan Jono Kupferberg had amassed an impressive collection of Cubs gear, but despite searching in vain, he couldn’t find any sneakers befitting his love for the team. Until one day he stumbled upon a pair of Isaiah’s Cubs sneakers online. He was immediately blown away by the intricacy and details, and the fact that each shoe featured a different design.

A shared passion.

Three days later Isaiah and Jono met in person. Jono excitedly told Isaiah he had never seen a piece of apparel that captured the spirit of the Cubs the way his sneakers did. Jono left their meeting with much more than the perfect kicks for his collection. They decided then and there they would team up to produce a line of sneakers worthy of true sports fans everywhere.

Off to the races.

Hand-painting every pair of sneakers wasn’t exactly in line with the production schedule Isaiah and Jono had in mind, so Isaiah expertly transformed his brushstrokes to digital works of art. Each pair of Soul-to-Sole (STS) sneakers continues to feature different designs on each shoe, and because of an STS-patented process, designs are able to cover the entire sneaker to create not just shoes, but wearable art.

Isaiah Smith
Director of Design and Co-Founder
Favorite Teams: Packers and Spurs
Favorite Sports Quote: Most talented players don't always succeed. Some don't even make the team. It's more what's inside - Brett Favre
Jono Kupferberg
CEO and Co-Founder
Favorite Teams: Cubs, Bears, Bulls and the Cubs again
Favorite Sports Quote: I've tried 'em all I really have; and the only church that truely feeds the soul day-in-day-out is the Church of Baseball - Bull Durham